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Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.

Made in America

America still retains its innovative edge over China and India. But as long as Washington continues to handpick winners and losers, our preeminence is in jeopardy.

All the President's Dreams

President Obama came to office promising a new era in international affairs. So far, he’s been big on rhetoric and has accomplished little. Obama’s inability to prioritize foreign policy risks destroying his presidency.

Empire Falls

The United States is in unprecedented decline. Future generations will look back at the past decade as the beginning of the end of American hegemony.

Russia Goes Ballistic

Russia will surpass U.S. nuclear capabilities within two decades if trends continue. America’s strategic force is a cold-war relic, and while Washington’s weapons break down, Moscow is making bombers and missiles that are newer and deadlier.

A User's Guide to the Century

Jeffrey Sachs explains why the new world order of the twenty-first century is crisis-prone.


The Army's Learning-and-Adapting Dogma

The U.S. military, and especially the U.S. Army, obsess with tactics and tricks at the expense of strategy.

Israel, Syria and American Moral Hazard

Why do Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others clamor for an intervention they could carry out themselves?

Obama's Goldilocks Syria Plan

Diplomacy backed by the threat of a war that's not too big and not too small.


The U.S. Drug War Comes to Honduras

Without congressional approval or public debate, Obama is dragging the U.S. military into another quagmire.

Embracing Threatlessness

War on a massive scale is increasingly unlikely. Washington should stop spending as if it were around the corner.

Pakistan’s Boldness Reveals America’s Weakness

The absurdity of America's Sisyphean nation-building project in Afghanistan is clear—at least to everyone else.

Books & Reviews

A Warrior Ethos

Counterinsurgency is not a cure-all. Local allegiances will always trump the might of the invader. Washington’s insistence that the troops turn Kabul into a functioning democracy will only erode the military's fighting spirit.

A God For All Seasons

Scholars of international relations have only recently begun to appreciate the power of religion. Their next step is to get religion right. No longer mysterious and magical, modernity has demystified the Higher Power.

A Ticking Bomber

There is no simple answer to the causes of terrorism. But three books offer insight into the complexities of man and his motivation to kill. These explanations come not from academic tomes, nor expositions by the burgeoning cottage industry of ter

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April 24, 2014